Problems Which Can Frequently Be Related to Nutrition

from Agribusiness Dairyman


Possible nutritional answers:

Milk Fever    Cal/Phos Ratios, Vitamin D, inorganic sulfate
Downer milk fever      The above + magnesium
Grass Tetany Magnesium
Knuckling fetlocks, weak hind legs Vitamin E, Selenium, Copper
Nerve Loss Copper
Ataxia Copper, copper-molybdenum

Breeding Problems:

Possible nutritional answers:

Retained Placentas, metritis Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E
Lack of Estrus Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E
Tailess sperm in semen Selenium
Lack of Libido Copper-molybdenum

Hoof Problems:  

Possible nutritional answers:

Hoof Rot Copper, iodine
Abnormal hoof growth Copper
Soft hoof growth Copper
Swollen Fetlocks Copper
Laminitis High rumen acid upsets, copper absorption
Hairy wart resistance  Copper (nutrition), formaldehyde (foot bath)

Intestinal Problems:

Possible nutritional answers:

Acidosis (pH balance) Sodium bicarbonate
Low Butterfat Sodium bicarbonate
Undigested feed in manure  Copper, cobalt
Scouring Copper, molybdenum
Worm resistance   Copper, molybdenum
Low Production Copper, zinc, manganese, inorganicsulfate
Abnormal appetite Copper, cobalt

Metabolic Problems:  

Possible nutritional answers:

High somatic cell count  Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E
Ketosis Copper, inorganic sulfate
White muscle disease Selenium
Pneumonia Copper, zinc, selenium, vitamin E
Heart abnormalities Copper, selenium, magnesium
Anemia Iron, copper, cobalt
Tongue lolling Copper
Retarded growth Copper, molybdenum
Sudden death Copper, selenium, grease & nitrate
Off flavor milk High iron (feed or water), Vitamin E
High off color, no bloom  Copper, selenium