April 13-17, 2016


President’s Letter
It was so wonderful to see many of you at Pima County Fair.  We welcomed a number of new exhibitors and had two experienced and enjoyable judges.  Congratulations to all the winners.
We had 21 participants in our youth showmanship, and Nick Cournoyer will be working on additional awards for our showmanship classes next year at Pima.

Our Open Youth show had 44 does entered:

AOP (29 entries)
GCH:   M’s Sagebrush Wiz Morsel Sally, shown by Kayla Lonchar        
RCH: Old West Natrona’s Finale, shown by Peyton Barker

Nigerian Dwarf (15 entries)
GCH: Blue Fire May, shown by Alexa Bowser      
RCH:  Desertnanny UMA Royal Lace, shown by Alexa Bowser
BEST IN SHOW:  Blue Fire May


Caprine Classic Junior Doe Show:  60 entries

Oberhasli (13 entries):
GCH: CeeGee Farm HB Kitkat, Charlotte Gemigniani
RCH Sir Echo Scutti, Sandy Van Echo

AOP (16 entries)
GCH: Springfield Oaks Comet Holly, Betty Henning
RCH; Springfield Oaks Comet Holiday, Betty Henning

Nubian (12 entries)
GCH: Thunder Ridge BM Kata*Pillar, Marshall Losey
RCH Jacobs Pride HH Rare Gold Ruby, Debbi Emholtz

Nigerian Dwarf (19 entries)
GCH: Urban Acres Ace’s Hearts Wild, Jena Williams
RCH: Urban Acres ASD Goldilocks, Jena Williams
BEST IN SHOW:  CeeGee Farm HB Kitkat, Charlotte Gemigniani


Caprine Classic Senior Doe Show: 87 entries

Saanen (12 entries)
GCH/BOB: Springfield Oaks Dante Elstar, Betty Henning
RCH: Springfield Oaks Cortez Emma, Betty Henning

Alpine (1 entry)
GCH/BOB: Old West Tink Ur Belle, Summer Wilson-Hawking

Oberhasli (10 entries)
GCH/BOB: SGCH Sir Echo Britti, Sandy Van Echo
RCH: SGCH Sir Echo Brettz, Sandy Van Echo

Toggenburg (7 entries)
GCH/BOB: Mesquite Meadows WFM Lucy, Harriet Hutchins
RCH: Mesquite Meadows RF Picture Me, Harriet Hutchins


AOP (10 entries)
GCH/BOB: M’s Sagebrush Voss Oprah, Marshall Losey
RCH: Here B Goats Chocolate Morsel, Marshall Losey

Nubian (24 entries)
GCH: Urban Acres Copper Penny, Jena Williams
RCH: Old West Ginger’s Snap, Summer Wilson-Hawking
BOB: SGCH Urban Acres Charming Harmony, Jena Williams

Nigerian Dwarf (21 entries)
GCH/BOB: Cactus Flower Zulu, Lauren Docherty
RCH: Cactus Flower Sedona, Lauren Docherty
BEST IN SHOW:  SGCH Sir Echo Britti, Sandy Van Echo


Thanks to everyone who contributed by entering animals in the club show, helping to sponsor a breed or making other donations.  Early accounting suggests that we will come out a bit ahead.  Charlotte will be putting together the final figures once we get milk test billing completed.  We had 13 does entered in the milk test.


A special thanks to Harriet for providing the awards for the senior doe show winners.  They were filled with surprises, useful and tasty items.  Also special thanks to June Johnson who was ring steward for both fair and CC events on Friday, and to Teri Moreno who was ring steward for the CC on Saturday.  We also appreciate Bev Lonchar and Tina Mascarenas who served as show secretaries.  Without the efforts of those of us who volunteer, we could not have our show.  Next year our judge should be able to start in the morning on Friday so that the day won’t be so long.  I’m working on judges for our next show in April 2017!



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